pinpoint studio.  
a no-nonsense design studio.

Pinpoint Studio a Providence, RI based design studio started by Laura Mullen in 1998.  Clients have included: the Learning Community, Jobs for the Future, Brown University, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, Physicians and Lawyers for a National Drug Policy, Traces of the Trade, Greater Kennedy Plaza and the Providence Foundation.


Laura Mullen
With over 10 years of experience making work for clients, Laura prides herself on combining style with functionality. Whether providing overall creative direction and mission, or working on the smallest detail, Laura loves every aspect of the project, from concepting to fine-tuning the execution.  With experience working for the “big guys” [Digitas, Razorfish, and more], and the smaller more “fun places” [Schwadesign, WGBH, Malcolm Grear Designers], Laura has had the pleasure of working on large corporate projects as well as projects for small businesses and local non-profits. At the center of her practice are projects that combine an admirable mission with high-quality design.